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Drop Shot Conqueror 4.0 JMD Limit Edition

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La pala CONQUEROR 4.0 LE comes with a sandpaper finish to enhance effects of the blade using Juan Martin Diaz in the WPT. the Conqueror 4.0 Drop Shot is a shovel attack with a sweet spot high. It noted for its power, elasticity and high strength in the face. technologies: CURV: Drop Shot exclusively incorporates new material on the face of the blades creating a range of high durability and high power, providing them with greater flexibility and resistance. SUPER GRIP CAPSULE SYSTEM: New system for the handle consisting of two technical actions: a coating of the grip 2 superabsorbent mm cork and a filling channel of a piece of low density silicone. This system is crucial to reduce elbow injuries EVA ELASTUM: Rubber whose main property is shock absorption giving us different sensations to hit, power and control. The blades that incorporate exhibit durability, better finish and better absorption of vibrations. AERO TWINS TUBE SYSTEM: a tubular carbon is applied transversely in the heart of the blade to cut the vibrations generated. Provides greater strength and stability. CN CARBON: Drop Shot Plain Carbon uses to make its tubular combination with the hotmelt technology and 3K carbon fabric to make the faces of the blades Proline range Expertline and excellent gameplay and extra strength. Shape: diamond Weight: 370 – 375 gr. Profile: 38 mm. level: Professional

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