Paddle tennis balls

Do you carry paddle tennis balls? It is the eternal question before you start a game. As a player you do not do the clueless and Buy your paddle balls favorite at the best price.

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According to current regulations, official balls will be only those approved and certified by the various national federations for the sport of paddle.

Under the Regulations of the Spanish Federation of Padel: “the ball should be a rubber sphere with a uniform outer surface that is green or yellow. Its diameter should be between 6,32 Y 6,77 cm and its weight will be between 56,0 Y 59,4. You must have understood bounce between 135 Y 145 cm when dropped on a hard surface from 2,54 m. The ball should have an internal pressure of between 4,6 kg y 5,2 kg per 2,54 cm²“.

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