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Blade paddle

Homologated by the Spanish Federation of Padel (FEP). The maximum dimensions of a blade paddle are 45,5 centimeters long, 26 centimeters wide and 38 millimeters thick profile.

It is perforated by a non-limited number of holes with a diameter of 9 a 13 mm wide central. In a maximum peripheral area 4 cm measured from the outer edge of the blade, the holes may have another shape or size, provided that they ensure they do not affect the essence of the game.

The impact surface may be flat, smooth the rough, not exceeding 30 cm long and 26 cm wide.

The frame, including handle, will be free of attached objects and other devices, other than those used solely and specifically to limit or prevent wear, vibrations and distribute weight. Any object or device should be reasonable in size and placement for such purposes.

The blade can not assume cause discomfort or distraction to other players, so they are prohibited or acoustic reflective elements in one way or another can alter the normal play.

Fist of the blade will have a maximum length of 20 cm, a maximum width (of each of the forks, without considering the empty space between them) from 50 mm, and a maximum thickness also 50 mm.

By last, You must have a cord or strap to the wrist of a maximum length of 35 cm. Its use will be mandatory as a measure of protection against accidents.

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