Head paddle blades

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The Head paddle blades They characterized by the use of innovative technology and materials never before used in the manufacturing process blade. Brand debuts in the hand paddle tennis player nº1, Fernando Belasteguin. Buy a shovel paddle Head It is synonymous with innovation.

Head is one of the brands with a longest sports career, since 1947 manufacturing sporting goods for all disciplines, especially in racquet sports and shovel.

Find the best Head paddle blades for men and women. Professional players like Bela and Sanyo Gutiérrez, and the player Alejandra Salazar are the great champions of this brand.

For the season 2017 the Head paddle blades They include an innovative technology: Graphene Touch Technology. Known as GrapheneXT, It is a unique combination that reduces vibrations to increase comfort. The big star of the upcoming season is the new Alpha Collection, with models Pro, Motion y Elite.

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