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Buy one cheap blade paddle It has never been easier. In we intend to help you find the shovel paddle of the leading brands that best suits you your.

For all I paddle fan, buy a paddle blade is a big decision. Whole process of analysis and reading reviews to find the shovel that fits our game and if you can be a cheap blade paddle much better for our pockets. Not just any shovel… must be my blade paddle.

So we will facilitate decision making is at your fingertips a wide range of the best blades market and through our analysis you'll discover what blade has the honor of becoming my shovel, in this case, in your blade paddle.

How to choose your paddle blade?

The wide range of blades that can be found in the market makes it become a dilemma choosing your blade paddle. It is normal you want to think carefully your decision, buying a shovel is an investment. On one side, not only about finding the shovel that best fits your game, but a bad choice may promote the development of physical injury.

Although we all like playing with a shovel with which we are comfortable aesthetically, It is very important not to base your choice solely on appearance, or purely aesthetic design. You must take into account other characteristics such as shape, weight, rigidity, balance and composition of the paddle blades, as well as other aspects such as your style of play, experience and your fitness.

Features of the paddle blades

Forms shovel

First, possibly one of the most important features to keep in mind and probably the first thing we usually set ourselves is the way of the blade. further, the equilibrium, also known as balance, It is closely related.

We distinguish three different forms of paddle blades:

  • Diamante: physically it characterized by having the upper flattened part. This type of blade has the highest balance, that is to say, the weight is distributed to the head for greater inertia in the beating (hammer effect). by cons, the sweet spot is smaller and less manageable. But nevertheless, the player with enough force level and get a much higher power. In summary it provides more power and less control. It is used in advanced levels and is difficult to manage.


  • Tear: shares characteristics between diamond and round. The balance is somewhat lower than in diamond shape so they are also more manageable. This is the most versatile type of blades with a good relationship between power and control. In summary, control and power offered are balanced. It is the most commonly used type of shovel.


  • round: physically shovel head is round. The balance in this type of blade is low, the weight is distributed to the fist, so they are more manageable group of blades. The handling of the blade is a fundamental aspect for the player who starts and needs to move the paddle easy to learn how to properly perform each stroke. In summary, It offers more control but less power. It is recommended for levels of initiation, because it is easy to use.



Secondly, the materials with which the blade is made directly influence the characteristics and performance. Depending on the hardness and rigidity, It will be modified life. On one side, blades with soft material provide more power but low versus control. On the other hand, the blades with a hard material provides greater control over the impact, but a lower power. So if your physical condition have no trouble applying power to the ball, shovel hard paddle will bring you much more control in your shots, especially volleying network.

Usually the materials that make up a paddle blade are: carbon fiber (or glass), eva rubber, foam, titanium, graphite, etc.

In conclusion, Now that you know the most important features of a blade paddle you can choose the cheap blade paddle that best suits your game.

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